Why Tulsi Leaves Turning Black?
Tulsi is a popular herb that grows almost everywhere in India. It is also known as holy basil and is used in Ayurvedic remedies. The leaves of Tulsi are usually green. However, you often hear of the leaves turning black. Why tulsi leaves turning black? Does it affect the taste?...
why don't energy drinks work on me

Why Don’t Energy Drinks Work On Me And Make Me Tired?

Many people like energy drinks because of many reasons, especially young people. Drinking these drinks makes everyone awake; however, it does not work at...
Top 10 Must-Fry Food In Singapore

Tour Guideline: Top 10 Must-Fry Food In Singapore

Singaporean food culture has to be one of the most diverse food cultures in the world, mixing Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Western cultures....
How To Pack Hair Extensions For Travel

How To Pack Hair Extensions For Travel – Ways To Store It Properly

Unlike the real one, if you want to keep a hair extension, you need the support of metal clips inside. It means it will...
Street Food In Darjeeling

Street Food In Darjeeling – Must-try Cuisine For Travelers

The country of India is not only famous for its cultural and religious characteristics but also a place that makes visitors "fall in love"...
Can Baking Soda Or Sodium Bicarbonate Increase Blood Pressure?

What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Baking Soda And Water?

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a familiar name for every household. With the shape of a fine white powder, they have a series of...
Why Does My Coffee Taste Watery?

Why Does My Coffee Taste Watery? – Detailed Explanation And Ways To Fix!

Coffee is a drink that we all love, and we love it to be thick and creamy. We pay attention to every step, from...
How Many Spirulina Tablets Should I Take A Day?

How Many Spirulina Tablets Should I Take A Day? – Guidance For Your Diet

Spirulina has been chosen as an essential part of many people's daily diet recently for its health benefits and affordable price. Besides, the natural...
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