How To Pack Hair Extensions For Travel – Ways To Store It Properly

How To Pack Hair Extensions For Travel

Unlike the real one, if you want to keep a hair extension, you need the support of metal clips inside. It means it will be screened going through airport security. For many people, this is okay, while others may feel shy to let others know their beautiful hair is fake.

Therefore, you need this article to know how to pack hair extensions for travel, especially through the magnetic security gate. Do not miss some tips for your beauty!

How To Pack Hair Extensions For Travel

Sometimes, you will think it is okay to put it in a bag and place it in your suitcase. However, the shipping process can mess it up before using it again. To avoid that, you need to take a few more steps:

  • Use a small comb to brush and untangle knots, if any
  • Clip each strand to its hanger and keep it that way; put it in a protective bag
  • Once you have finished packing, you can leave this bag on top to prevent it from being squeezed or bent during transport

Moreover, if you intend to go swimming, you should remove them or limit swimming in too salty seawater. Otherwise, hair extensions will be damaged forever.

Why Should You Store Hair Extensions?

The wigs are easily damaged and cannot be reused when not properly stored. You will feel terrible because of seeing a messy tangle of hair in your house.

Once tangled, you need to wash, detangle and comb it evenly. Then you may have to style it, like curling, creasing, straightening, etc.

If it is well preserved, you do not need to spend much effort on the above steps before using it. Some basic tips you need to keep in mind are:

  • Wash, dry, and comb evenly; you can use a dryer to make it dry faster.
  • Close all the clamps on it.
  • Clip or hang it up and put it in a protective bag, box, or vacuum bag for storage.
  • Put the bag in a cool and dry place with low moisture and avoid direct sunlight.
  • If you do not use it for a long time, you should also check to prevent mold or small insects from entering.

Which Hair Extension Care You Should Pack When Traveling?


There are no shampoos, conditioners, or chemicals specifically designed for them. Instead, you can use your products to take care of them.

During washing, you need to ensure that sweat, dirt, and even dead skin are no longer stuck on your wigs. Because these elements can get it dirty and tangled up, you should carry a separate travel shampoo bottle and use it.

Anti-frizz Spray

Next, an anti-frizz spray or serum is also a good friend for you when traveling. They are quite compact, so it is convenient for you to put them in your bag and carry them outside.

The temperature change can cause tangled wigs to dry out due to moisture loss. You should apply the product before going out or when it is dry or hard.

Extension Comb

You can find several combs specifically designed for extensions. They have wide tooth lines made from friction-reducing materials, keeping them smooth and bouncy. You should bring them with you when traveling to protect your extensions better.

Nourishing Oil

Nourishing oil or serum are must-haves when traveling. They keep the extensions moist, while others have fragrances and conditioners that care for the wigs. You can use almond oil or castor oil in a sufficient amount for a moisturizing massage.


Now, you must have known how to pack hair extensions for travel. You need to clean it, hang it up, store it in a protective bag, and put it on top of your suitcase. This method will keep it straight and free from tangles during shipping.

Besides, you need to take simple steps to keep it fresh and smooth when not in use.

Hopefully, a few of the above tips have helped you travel with this beauty tool with peace of mind!

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