Why Don’t Energy Drinks Give Me Energy – A Thorough Explanation

Why dont energy drinks give me energy

There are times when we drink a whole lot of energy drinks without feeling any effect. If it has happened to you, you must have wondered, “why don’t energy drinks give me energy?” so many times. This article will attempt to explain to you the reason behind this phenomenon so that you won’t be as confused anymore.

Why Don’t Energy Drinks Give Me Energy?


For some people, their genetics is the main culprit behind them not feeling the effect of energy drinks. As you may know, caffeine in energy drinks plays the main role in keeping the drinker awake. It locks the adenosine receptors up, limiting them from encouraging sleepiness.

A person’s genetics decide the effectiveness of the bond between adenosine receptors and caffeine molecules.

Genetics also determine the speed at which you feel the effects of caffeine, thanks to a liver enzyme called CYP1A2. This enzyme dictates about 95% of caffeine metabolism, but it has two variants. One of them has a much higher metabolism speed. As a result, you don’t feed any effect.

High Tolerance

A simpler answer for you not feeling any effect from the energy drinks is that your tolerance has grown too high. Consuming a higher quantity of caffeine regularly will make your body less sensitive to its effect. That is why you will need to increase the intake amount to attain the same efficiency.

Our maximum recommendation for daily caffeine intake is about 400 mg. In other words, you should not exceed four coffee cups or 3 cans of caffeine drinks each day. When you can’t feel the effect despite reaching this limit, your tolerance may have grown too high.

The immediate result is that when you drink more, there will only be negative effects. One prime example is a throbbing headache. We suggest simply taking a break from drinking energy drinks.

After all, tapering your caffeine intake down for a while will surely lower your tolerance, as it cannot build up. Don’t just up and quit, though, as you may be dependent on this substance without realizing it. You need to proceed with the tapering process in a slow and controlled manner.

There is no way to tell exactly how long you need to break away from caffeine for the best effect. Only a specialized nutritionist can do a personal estimation with clear numbers for you.


You must remember that caffeine does not actually delete your sleepiness. This substance merely tricks your body into believing that it has rested, but the damage is still there. That is why it won’t have a good effect if you are already very worn out from extreme fatigue.

In these cases, the caffeine will instead have an adverse effect, making your body even weaker. That is why we do not recommend taking any energy drink if you have already pulled some all-nighters.

Alternatives Method To Energy Drinks

The very first thing that you should try is to get hydrated, as dehydration plays a major part in making your body sleepy. Having sufficient water in your body also leads to a long sleep and better sleep quality.

Working out regularly entices your brain to release endorphins. This hormone is responsible for managing pleasure, happiness, and simulation to keep you in a waking state.

Finally, you need to eat a hearty breakfast every day, as your body demands a lot of energy in the morning. When this need is not met, it will try to shut down to preserve energy.


As such, we can only say that there are many answers to “why don’t energy drinks give me energy?” However, we believe that the three major players are genetics, tolerance, and fatigue. If you can take care of all three, you will be able to enjoy energy drinks to the fullest again soon.

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