Why Does Tea Upset My Stomach But Not Coffee – Explanation & Solution

Why Does Tea Upset My Stomach But Not Coffee

Have you ever woken up the following day feeling nauseous and then wondered how you drank tea the night before?

Sometimes, we can enjoy our favorite cup of coffee without feeling the effects of an upset stomach, but we seem not to feel the same with tea. Of course, there is always an actual cause for this.

Why does tea upset my stomach but not coffee? This post will detail the difference between coffee & tea and whether tea is easy on my stomach. So let’s check it out!

Is Tea Easy On The Stomach?

Tea is accessible to the stomach and has plenty of health benefits. One reason is that it is non-fattening. Tea is drunk as a beverage, not as a liquid added to food. This can reduce the calorie count in your daily diet.

The caffeine & antioxidants in tea can help boost your metabolism. In addition, drinking tea can help you lose weight, and this is why many people find tea easy on the stomach.

The precise quantity of tannins differ considerably based on the tea type as well as how it was prepared. Generally, three cups or fewer (710 ml) each day are considered safe.

Why Does Tea Upset My Stomach But Not Coffee?

Although one cup of tea has less caffeine than one cup of coffee, digestive issues might still develop after drinking. On the other hand, coffee is not too good for your stomach either. However, coffee is not too bad on the stomach since it is not as harsh and is absorbed faster by the body.

Your stomach is where food is digested and turned into energy for the body. So anything you eat should not be too harsh. Otherwise, it will cause stomach upset and cramps.

Tannins in tea can stimulate acid production in the stomach, perhaps leading to an unsettled stomach in certain people.

Overall, consuming any beverage containing caffeine or other compounds that irritate the stomach – such as the tannins present in tea, may cause problems for people who have intestinal disorders. In some cases, it might exacerbate their symptoms.

What Tea Is Best For Stomach Bloating?

When our stomach is upset, sipping a hot cup of tea might help to alleviate symptoms. In fact, several strains have been demonstrated to alleviate symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

If you have never tried tea before, you may need to become accustomed to the two tastes below.

Peppermint Tea

Drinking peppermint tea can relieve the pain associated with stomach bloating. The tea has carminative properties that help break down the gas and assist in the easy passage of gas from the stomach.

Peppermint tea is also a diuretic that supports your body to flush out the system’s excess water. You can drink peppermint tea once or twice a day to ease stomach bloating, gas, and constipation.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a great digestive aid and natural cure for stomach bloating. It works by stimulating your body’s bile production, which breaks down fats and food.

Another great benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, ginger also reduces nausea, which contributes to better digestion. You can also make a soup using ginger to get the most out of this healing root.

Final Thoughts

Now we have answered the question: why does tea upset my stomach but not coffee! There is conflicting information available about the effects of tea on our bodies and digestion.

As a result, many people avoid tea because they think it will upset their stomachs. However, stomach upset is not always caused by tea because various factors play a role.

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