How To Carry a Kayak On a Travel Trailer? The Most Common Tips

how to carry a kayak on a travel trailer

Bringing your kayak to use on your holiday is one of the most interesting experiences you should try. However, it may not be easy to carry the kayak along because it is too big.

In case there is no kayak included in your travel package you have booked from a travel agency, it will be a pity!

Don’t worry! This article is everything you need if you are in this situation. Keep reading, and you will know how to carry a kayak on a travel trailer!

How To Carry a Kayak On a Travel Trailer?

There are some simple ways for travelers to bring their kayak during the trip. We will give you several of the most common tips below. They are not only easy to do but also convenient.

Put It on the RV’s Back

When RVers are driving cross-country, they’ll sometimes use straps with loops to secure the kayaks to the back of their vehicle.

It is easy to tie your kayak on the RV so that if you run into some bumps along the way, it will stay put and do its job without falling off and possibly damaging your kayak.

However, you should remember that the straps need to be secured tightly. If your kayak is coming loose on a bumpy road, you can be in a very dangerous situation.

One solution is to use drawstring straps or other methods for tying down your kayak, as long as you make sure not to leave them loose because it could wind up being a recipe for disaster!

You can prevent the kayak from scratching on the RV and vice versa by using straps to help keep it in place.

To further keep things from getting damaged, use foam pipe insulation and cover the rungs of your ladder. Though this may seem simple, these precautions will surely make a huge difference.

Buy A Rack For Your Kayak

When purchasing a travel trailer, it is important to consider the available kayak racks. Most of them attach and go on the back of the travel trailer and connect to the hitch mechanism.

Some carry more than one kayak as well. When browsing through all of your options online, you need to know a few things when choosing a dual kayak rack.

For example, how many inches out from the hitch system they extend so they don’t get in the way when driving. Or consider whether they have an adjustable height feature or any clearance issues when coming up on low overpasses, etc.

Place In the RV’s Roof Rack

kayaks are a bit more challenging to get on and off than most other things, including a roof rack. But that’s why it’s more important to make sure they’re correctly fastened, as wind force can cause them to blow off your RV if the straps aren’t properly secured at high speeds.

It’s also vital to take care while loading them so they don’t land dangerously close to the edge of the top part of your vehicle. On the plus side, however, an RV rooftop rack is designed not just for kayaks but also for many other large objects, like luggage and even water containers.

How To Carry the Karak on Your Vehicle’s Roof

All of the additional things required include several pool noodles, sufficiently thick and strong to withstand pressure, even when it is holding a kayak plus 2 ratchet straps.

You can cut them down should they be longer than necessary.

Then, you can put the side of your kayak with the rounded bottom against the curved part of the pool noodle and tie it down. Measure carefully where you want to tie and avoid knots wherever possible so that it is easier to untie.

Work with a friend because you will need help keeping your kayak stable while you strap on the vehicle.

After you have already positioned the kayak correctly, remember that you should keep the straps at the end of every kayak fastened to avoid them falling off on the way you travel.


Although the kayak is too big, there are still many ways to bring it along to enjoy your holiday. We believe that you have already known how to carry a kayak on a travel trailer. Let’s take it along to enjoy the best moments of your vacation.

If you need more advice about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is always willing to support you!

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