How To Fold Linen Shirts For Travel: Some Useful Tips

How to fold linen shirts for travel

Traveling on some days or traveling to another is enjoyable. Everyone needs to prepare many things for a trip, including packing clothes. This is a headache task because not all can do well, especially if there are linen shirts.

So how to fold linen shirts for travel? This article will provide you with detailed information on this question. Let’s dive in!

How To Fold Linen Shirts For Travel?

This type of clothes often has many wrinkles if we do not pack them carefully. Therefore, before a journey, you should spend time packing them.

To help these clothes reduce wrinkles the most when packed for travel, you should follow the below steps:

Turn Lined Shirts Inside Out

For those who have these kinds of clothes with an inside lining, you should turn all of them inside out to minimize the wrinkles. This tip can bring remarkable benefits if you need to fold some suit jackets with a lining.

Moreover, with each sleeve, you should stick your arm, grab the cuff and finally pull the sleeve in an inside-out way when removing your arm.

Another useful trick is putting these kinds of clothes over other clothing.

Pack As Little As Possible

Although the number of folds you have to pack, you should do it from one or two folds depending on the size of the suitcase.

Pack Linen Clothes Around Other Clothing

 In case you just need one or two linen outfits, take one of them and drape it in an unfolded way over two sides of your suitcase.

Then put some other shirts or pants over it. After that, repeat these actions with the remaining types of clothes.

By making these items create lighter wrinkles than the usual way of folding, this solution will be a great way to reduce your worry about wrinkling. 

Tips To Minimize Wrinkles When Packing Linen Clothes

There are many ways you can try to reduce wrinkling in these clothing when folding them for a trip:

A clear approach is to hang these types of clothing in garment bags if you go by rail or car. Nevertheless, hanging them in a bog could not be a suitable solution if you travel by plane as many planes do not allow passengers to hang their clothes.

If you cannot do this, you can follow some below tips to reduce wrinkles in your clothing:

  • Before you roll these items in your suitcase, it is recommended to press or iron them so that they will stand a smaller chance of getting creases.
  • Pack a travel steamer in a mini size so that you can use it to iron your items when you arrive.
  • A wrinkle-release spray is also an effective solution to solve your worries.
  • Finally, embrace your creases and do not mind too much about it.


Is Linen Good For Traveling?

In fact, linen can be considered one of the greatest fabrics for a summer trip. Although this type of clothes cannot cling to your body, they can absorb perspiration and let the sweat dry more quickly.

For all these reasons, these items are a perfect option for a trip in summertime. You’d better pack some of them for your next summer holiday.

What Are Linen Fabric Properties?

This type of fabric is well-known for its strength and stands out over other competitors because of this feature too. However, this is also a light fabric that you can easily carry for traveling.

On top of that, when you wear this type of clothing, the moisture can also be absorbed, and you can see your items dry very quickly. Besides that, this type of garment also provides you with a cooler feeling than other outfits.

This kind of fabric also does not tend pilling. That’s why you will feel comfortable when wearing items made from this fabric.

Considering all these characteristics, folding these clothes can be a great option when you are traveling to hot areas during summer.


Folding clothing may be a daunting but compulsory task for people when having a trip.

Hopefully, this article has given you a detailed answer to the question “How to fold linen shirts for travel?” so that packing these garments will never be a nightmare for you and you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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