Food Tour: Explore The Best Street Food In Miami

best street food in Miami

The COVID-19 is over, it’s time to explore new lands of culinary and enjoy your days! If you visit Miami, you shouldn’t miss these 8 best street food in Miami.

The Best Street Food In Miami For Mexican Cuisine Lovers

Miami is the home of many American-Cuba people, which deeply affects their culture and cuisine. We highly recommend visiting these 3 street food restaurants and trucks to enjoy the diverse flavors of Mexican cuisine, which is very popular in this southern California city.

BC Tacos

As mentioned in Mexican street food, tacos are always the first dish coming up to our mind.

BC Tacos offers tacos with impressive names like Mammoth Mahi or chicken-filled T-Rex. All the names are derived from the caveman animals bringing a unique style to this food truck. 

Box Of Chacos

Instead of following the traditional recipes, Box of Chacos combines Mexican cuisine with many styles to surprise their customer with outbreak flavors.

We highly recommend the Kimchi Burger Tacos, inspired by Korean food. This combination is out of our minds, but it’s really tasty. The sour and spicy Kimchi balance the food and make it juicy. 

Nacho Bizness

Nacho Bizness loves making tacos in different styles with the same concept as Box of Chaos. You will find Korean and China ingredients on their menu.

They also have a taste in naming their food that impresses customers with Kung fu Tuna or Earthday.

The Best Street Food In Miami For Italian Cuisine Lovers

It’s not hard to find delicious Italian restaurants in Miami. However, it’s a challenge to find authentic ones in the area. 

Grafa Pizza & Pasta

Grafa Pizza & Pasta is a genuine Italian Pizza in Miami in food and decoration. Besides, they serve gluten-free and vegan dishes to bring the best experience for every customer.

Many customers also praise their friendly staff and return many times.

Meet’n Cheese

Meet’n Cheese is another choice for Italian culinary fans. They stand out with mouthwatering fresh salad, crispy sandwiches, delicious ham, and a fine wine that levels your meal to new heights.

Besides serving food, Meet’n Cheese also offers a free concert to enhance the joy and excitement while customers enjoy their meals.

It’s Dessert Time!

Yoko Matcha

Yoko Matcha serves Japanese drinks and desserts but in Miami-style. Their menu is full of matcha to satisfy every matcha-lover.

You can also buy their products as a gift to your friends and family. If you love cooking, you can buy matcha from this restaurant to add original Japanese flavors to your dishes.

Besides, they have partnered with many restaurants so that you can buy them citywide.


HipPOPS offers dessert treats: gelato, sorbet, yogurt, cheesecake, etc. They call themselves a truck full of handcrafted awesomeness and join every event in the town.

Coming to HipPOPs, you will find plenty of colorful creamery with different flavors such as mango, grapefruit, Strawberry, etc.

“Frozen Hot Chocolate” made from Belgian chocolate is must-try ice cream with its fat and tasty content on the menu.

Boba Station

If you love Asian cuisine, milk tea (also called boba tea) is absolutely the best street food in Miami you need to try.

Boba Station is one of the earliest trucks selling boba tea in the area. After years, they have brought more than 20 flavors of the original Taiwanese drinks to Miami. You also have various choices among 6 toppings, but the tapioca pearls are always best.


Visiting Miami, you should try the street food restaurants and trucks above. It’s an endless list of the best street food in Miami that we cannot tell them all in this article. If you want to explore more food tours, do not hesitate to follow us.

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