What Tattoo Colors Are Best For Light Skin? – The Best Options

What tattoo colors are best for light skin?

The popularity of tattoos among adults and teenagers has been steadily rising in recent years. Many people get them to demonstrate how they see themselves or the things that matter most to them.

The permanence of tattoos may be an issue for some people, even though many regard it as an advantage because it shows commitment to their feelings or causes.

Therefore, choosing the best-suited color for the tattoo is important for people intending to have a new tattoo. What tattoo colors are best for light skin? We will answer through this article. Let’s find out together!

What Tattoo Colors Are Best For Light Skin?

The color of the ink you choose should be relatively well matched to your natural skin tone. Otherwise, the tattoo could appear faded or unevenly colored.

If you have light skin, your tattoo options are plentiful. You could go with black or another bold color such as blue, purple, green, or orange. Or you might want to choose a more subtle hue like white, pink, or violet.

In any case, tattoos for fair skin often look best when the colors contrast their background and get close enough to add some dimension to the image.

The following explanation is about the two most common options for people with light skin when deciding to have a tattoo. Let’s check them out!


Tattoos with white ink look awe-inspiring on people with very light skin. If you have light skin, your tattoo will probably stand out for a much longer period, provided that you don’t expose it to direct sunlight and subject it to UV rays which significantly speed up the fading process.

Normally, ink with darker pigments hides the raised surface on your skin. However, a white pigment reveals it. That can bring out an attractive 3D effect or an interesting scar-like look that is appealing to some people.

And since they are not as dark as other kinds of tattoos, they tend to be better in professional settings.

Be aware that white ink might not look the same on every different skin color.

For example, it can be brighter on darker or tanner skin and much more subtle on pale skin. Because of this, ensure the artist you choose is also comfortable with handling something other than black and colored inks.

Other Colors

When getting a tattoo, it’s important to choose an ink color that is either lighter or darker than your skin tone so that the design will stand out.

Bright colors like red, orange, green, and purple are generally used in artists’ portfolios, so check them out.

Blue and black are popular among athletes too. People with light skin tones could go a little bolder, while those with dark complexions may have trouble finding the ones they like.

Tattoo Colors for Other Skin Tones

When people decide to get a tattoo, they want one thing: their tattoo stands out from the rest. They do not care about its meaning – many times, it is not even thought of before getting inked.

However, people with different skins should pick different colors for their tattoos. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the ink for your tattoo.

Pale Skin

White tattoos are best suited for people with pale skin. With paler skin, the tattoo will be more outstanding than with darker complexions, and many people with this type of skin have started to get white inked as a result.

The white ink is beautiful and striking, and it makes a fashion statement that has led many younger people to start getting this specific look to enhance their style and uniqueness.

In general, pale or fair skin is suited for most tattoo designs except for orange and yellow because these are not visible on the skin and look more like scars than tattoos.

Dark Skin

Dark-skinned folks often have more pigment in their skin, which means that tattoos do not fade as easily as lighter-colored ones. Darker skin tones make the tattoo ink within the body last longer, too! We recommend using darker colors like black, purple, red, and blue.

If you are uncertain of what color to choose for a tattoo, go with simple black ink as it’s one of the safest and most popular body art colors. In case you’re looking for a more vibrant option, crimson red or royal blue are good choices.

One should remember not to get glittery or bright-colored tattoos since the glitter may become messy under your clothes. And you might have to visit a tattoo artist often to ask them to fill it up.

Also, people with darker skin tones should go for bold designs with a big outline because they will look more prominent on darker skins.


Before picking a color for your tattoo, the best advice is to know exactly what kind of your skin is.

 Some hues will compliment your coloring, whether you have a fair, light, or dark complexion. However, the color that looks good in all hues is black!

What tattoo colors are best for light skin? You have already got the answer. If you need further information about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always willing to support you.

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