Street Food In Darjeeling – Must-try Cuisine For Travelers

Street Food In Darjeeling

The country of India is not only famous for its cultural and religious characteristics but also a place that makes visitors “fall in love” with popular but attractive street food.

The unique culinary style in the greasy taste of milk cream and hot spicy taste has created an extremely interesting feature. This article will show you the must-try street food in Darjeeling. Let’s go through it now!

Some Of The Best Street Food In Darjeeling


Momos are traditional Indian confections, similar in taste to dumplings. This type of cake is also known as Indian dim sum and originates from the Northeast. The cake is often served with chili sauce or ginger juice, suitable for an afternoon snack.

Tea Darjeeling

The land of Darjeeling, located on the majestic Himalayan peak, is famous throughout India for a very delicious and refreshing drink, tea. Darjeeling tea is a high-quality tea, once introduced as a premium beverage.

Today, Darjeeling visitors can easily enjoy Darjeeling tea, even drinking it right after picking it from the tree. Doing so ensures that the tea is at its best because it is still fresh.


A triangular cake with a plump filling inside and sold all over the streets of India. Its thin crust made from dough cleverly encapsulates an attractive filling. You will enjoy the rich flavor of lentils, potatoes, and minced meat when mixed with spices.

Some places generously add peas to enhance sweetness. The cake can be cooked in a deep-fried or baked style, bringing a delicious and attractive flavor.


For those who have a sweet tooth, Jalebi cake is a cake not to be missed. The fried cake is made from fragrant fermented dough and butter flavor. The more interesting part is the frying stage, in which the sellers with quick hands “draw” the cakes into circles and spirals in hot oil.

This fragrant, crispy yellow cake, accompanied by the sweetness from the sugar syrup, has become a familiar street food in India.

Kati Roll

Kati rolls are a popular street food in Darjeeling. It is essentially a cake with a crust made from flour, rolled inside full of ingredients such as chicken, lamb, eggs, and spiced potatoes. Then, the maker adds a little chili and squeeze a little lemon juice to stimulate the user’s taste buds.

Kati bread rolls have a unique flavor, appealing to even the most demanding diners. At the same time, this dish is very cheap and suitable for most people’s budgets. Food is an integral part of the people of Kolkata.

Sale Roti

Sale Roti is the most typical street food in India. Although it is made from basic ingredients, it has a very distinctive and delicious taste. The hotcakes with a light aroma and sweet flesh served with spicy and spicy curry will surely make you fall in love.

You can also spread a little buttermilk to enhance the flavor. This vegetarian roti is not too picky when buying ingredients and cooking so that you can make it yourself at home. We already own a strange and unique Indian dish, just a little meticulous in the processing method.


Locals modify the Indian version of doner kebab to suit local tastes, creating this unique street food in Darjeeling. Outside the soft and fragrant bread is shredded chicken, lettuce, beetroot, carrot, mayonnaise, garlic, and especially super spicy chili sauce.

The characteristic of this cake is that the dough is soft but still retains its hot crispiness. When eating, you need to bite, and the cake will fill your mouth and mix a variety of flavors from sweet, crispy, spicy, and fatty.


Darjeeling, a small Indian city, seems not very special and has nothing to offer for many visitors at first glance. However, it is actually peaceful, friendly, and has extremely diverse cuisines. That is why we believe that this guide on street food in Darjeeling will help you tremendously.

If you find this guide helpful, look forward to our next article for more interesting tidbits.

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