When To Start Carrot Seeds Indoors – Tips For Gardeners

When To Start Carrot Seeds Indoors

Seeds and plants that are started indoors need to be started at the correct time. So “When to start carrot seeds indoors?” is a question often asked by gardeners.

Depending on what type of carrot you are trying to grow, the ideal time to start the seeds can vary from mid-March to early May. Read on to learn more, and discover tips and tricks to help you get your seedlings off to a great start.

Is It Possible To Grow Carrot Seeds Indoors?

Yes, you can entirely grow carrot seeds indoors. People often think they cannot grow carrots in their houses. This is not true, and it just takes a little extra effort, that is all.

You can germinate the seeds in the soil and then transfer them to a pot and grow them inside your house. Carrots are hardy enough to grow in the soil and survive the extreme cold.

The most significant advantage of growing carrots from seeds is growing the variety of carrots of your choice. You can also buy a carrot seedling from a nursery and plant it in your garden. On the other hand, if you don’t have a garden, then use a pot and place it on your patio.

When To Start Carrot Seeds Indoors?

Carrots can be grown from seed anytime during the spring and summer. However, the best time to sow carrot seeds is two to three weeks before the last frost in your area.

This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions, but the best for carrot seed germination is between 68-75oF (20-24oC) and daytime temperatures no higher than 75oF (24oC). If night temperatures are colder than 68oF (20oC), the germination period will be slightly longer.

Besides, carrot seeds need light to germinate, so sow them on the soil’s surface and try not to cover them. It does not like transplanted, so sow it directly into the soil.

If you can space the seeds at 1/2-1 inch (1.2-2.5 cm), thin the seedlings to stand 4 inches (10 cm) apart from each way. Next, cover the seedbed with 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) of straw or compost. Then, rinse the bed carefully, and keep it evenly moist.

How Long Does It Take For Carrot Seeds To Harvest?

Carrots are a root vegetable, and seeds are generally used for propagation for this specific species. So, carrots seeds generally take about three to four months to harvest.

Once you learn how to plant, it becomes pretty easy to grow the kind of carrots that you want. Of course, there are a lot of kinds, but they can all be grown using the same process.

This quantity fluctuates greatly depending on the variety. As a result, constantly check the packets to see how much time you’ll need to let them develop. On the other hand, growing carrots indoors requires more time for harvest.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s easy to grow carrots, even indoors! So when to start carrot seeds indoors? The best time to start carrot seeds indoors is early to mid-spring, and they need to be planted in pots that are at least 2 inches in diameter.

In addition, when placing carrot seeds, they need to be planted at a depth of ½ to 1 inch. Hopefully, this topic will give you the confidence to grow your carrots this year!

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