Explained: What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Hibiscus Tea?

what are the side effects of drinking hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is among the most popular herbal teas today. It is also a great alternative for those who are addicted to coffee. But is this beverage safe for you?

What are the side effects of drinking hibiscus tea? These are some of the questions that you may have in mind. In this blog, we will answer these queries and address some people’s concerns about this drink.

What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Hibiscus Tea?

Affect Blood Pressure (BP)

Studies in the past have shown that this beverage can indeed help lower blood pressure.

These studies have been tested on humans, proving a benefit for those who suffer from high blood pressure. However, for individuals whose blood pressure naturally tends to be low, this drink may not provide any relief at all.

In other words, those who have low BP can have that level dropping too low if they consume too much hibiscus tea, which could lead to something called hypotension.

This causes a person to pass out due to a severe drop in blood circulation. Therefore, it’s important to be fully aware of these risks and how they can affect your body.

Affect Blood Sugar Level

More research still needs to be conducted until we are certain that Hibiscus can help regulate blood sugar levels in humans. Still, there have been some encouraging results in diabetic and non-diabetic rats.

The researcher conducted a study with diabetic rats, who experienced a significant reduction after: their blood glucose levels had decreased by 12%, while the normal, healthy rats weren’t affected.

With that being said, those who suffer from low glucose level must be cautious when consuming this drink. You don’t want to feel dizzy or even faint from drinking too much hibiscus tea, do you?

Induces Menstruation

This drink affects estrogen, or you can understand that it can induce menstruation. This is one effect that some people experience as a positive result, but others may not want to happen.

The risks for pregnant women are high when drinking hibiscus tea because of how it induces menstrual periods. In fact, there is a possibility that you could have a miscarriage due to consuming it.

If you’re currently breastfeeding or taking birth control medicines, it’s better to stay away from this drink.

Interacts With Some Medications

Every herb can also be dangerous if not used responsibly in conjunction with other medicines. People are concerned that this beverage might interact with medications such as acetaminophen.

Both of these could cause toxicity in the body if mixed, so it’s best to avoid using them together until further safety information is revealed through more studies.

Furthermore, we’d like to inform you that drinking this beverage while taking any BP or blood sugar medications could increase their intended effects to a dangerous level.


How Much Hibiscus Tea Can I Drink A Day?

On average, one can consume 4 cups a day when the person is of adult age. Thus, adding this beverage to your regular diet can be possible if you’re old enough for this quantity.

What Will Happen If I Consume Too Much Hibiscus Tea?

Besides the above side effects, consuming too much of this beverage could bring light-headedness and drowsiness and possibly weaken the liver. Another study also shows that it is known to be a diuretic.

Can I Drink Hibiscus Tea Without Eating Anything?

While it does not have caffeine, this beverage is still a form of tea that could upset one’s stomach if one drinks it without eating anything. The best time to drink this beneficial beverage is 30 minutes before your main meal or before sleeping.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post “What are the side effects of drinking hibiscus tea?”. We know that with this knowledge, you can now be confident in drinking your favorite tea and know that you can avoid its negative side effects.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime; we’re ready to help!

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