Top 6 Fantastic Places: Where To Go In Africa In August

where to go in Africa in August

As the world’s second-largest continent, Africa is home to many unique and diverse flora, fauna, and rich terrain.

Moreover, some parts of the continent are located in the Southern Hemisphere, whose climate is cooler and milder in the mid-year months. And one of them is also a recommended destination where to go to in Africa in August. Take a glance, and let’s prepare for your trip!

Where To Go In Africa In August


Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Namibia has lower temperatures than other regions, with almost no rain and little clouds, and is illuminated all year round. Two famous places here are Sossusvlei and Damaraland, suitable for self-driving safaris into the desert.

Sossusvlei is a gorgeous salt and clay pan. You will be delighted when your feet are imprinted in the sand and step on the big dunes. And the beautiful scenery from the dunes is your reward.

Meanwhile, Damaraland is the gathering place of the most ancient and primitive things. They can be granite hills, deep canyons, underground water streams, or even unique animals.


In Malawi, this is the time when the weather is warm on days and slightly cold on nights. It is suitable for you to fully enjoy Lake Malawi, the “Lake of Stars” – the jewel of Africa – which gathers many sandy beaches with crystal clear water.

Visitors can watch wild animals such as horses, hippos, or elephants, flocking to the shore to drink water. You also have the opportunity to experience kayaking, snorkeling, or swimming in the blue water with the wildlife of this land.


In August, Mozambique will enter the dry season, with soaring temperatures, strong winds, and sparse vegetation. But thanks to that, you can easily see wildlife and participate in water tourism activities.

Some interesting activities like scuba diving or snorkeling, fishing, humpback whale watching, etc. Or you can take a vacation in the Bazaruto Islands with refreshing cocktails and breathtaking views of the pristine wilderness.

South Africa

South Africa’s temperature can drop to -12 C from May to August at night. Even so, now is the right time to visit this place, especially in Cape Whale Coast and Kruger National Park.

During this season, whales will return from Antarctica to warmer waters, giving you a chance to see them from the bay. You can also see Walker Bay by kayak or by helicopter. Furthermore, the National Park will be the perfect haven for visitors to spot signature wildlife and go on a wheelchair and halal safari.


Welcoming you will be the fresh, fresh air and exciting exploration trips on 4-wheelers or foot. You can see wild animals such as elephants, crocodiles, leopards, buffaloes, etc., enjoying the cool water of the river Nile or Luangwa nearby or flocks of birds hovering in the clear blue sky.

Of course, visitors can also go on safaris and experience the untamed wilderness of Africa.


Cool, dry weather is the best time to visit Zimbabwe. You can try your hand at driving through Victoria Falls National Park and participating in water sports.

During this season, the waterfall attracts a lot of wildlife to enjoy the cool water, and the peaceful scenery will help you relax your mind a bit. On the contrary, try rafting on white waterfalls and overcoming rough rocks if you want to find thrills.


Coming to the other half of Africa this season, you can try many interesting activities such as wildlife hunting, kayaking, helicopter sightseeing, whitewater rafting, etc. Each exciting activity will blow away the sweltering summer heat and leave you with many memorable memories!

And if you can, try to take a tour through all the places in the “where to go in Africa in August” list!

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