The Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Zanzibar – Heaven For Your Holidays

the best luxury hotels and resorts in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an island located in the Indian Ocean. Lying 22 miles off the coast of east-central Africa, it has magnificent beaches with white sand and blue sky water. Hence, many people arrive there for their honeymoons or to unwind.

However, finding places to stay may worry visitors. Knowing that this article compiles a list of the best luxury hotels and resorts in Zanzibar for you to refer to. Read on.

The Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Zanzibar – Heaven For Your Holidays

5. Diamonds Star Of The East

Diamonds Star of the East is a fancy hotel with 11 exclusive villas surrounded by a tropical garden, including lovely flowers and swayed palm trees. Although having a Swahili-style, these private sanctuaries is still modern with thatch roofs and concrete, white buildings.

Located on the north-western tip of Zanzibar, it is also ideal for enjoying the stunning sunset while relaxing in the plunge pool or sitting on the chairs on an elegantly furnished terrace.

The hotel’s service is excellent, with a personal assistant always available to support customers. He will be at your disposal to ensure all his clients are comfortably accommodated with the ultimate luxury and privacy.

The hotel offers all-inclusive service, like using all the facilities, eating in the hotel’s restaurants, and entertaining in bars. Anything you can think of is provided at this place to fulfill your requirements.

4. Constance Aiyana

This large hotel is located on Pemba Island of Zanzibar, one of Africa’s most secluded islands, a perfectly tranquil place to let your hair down. It has 30 spacious and stylish villas facing the dreamy beach and a private front pool.

The hotel is a great combination of contemporary and friendly-environmental construction. Local materials such as limestone or coconut brooms are exploited, making the hotel blend into nature in harmony.

Constance Aiyana’s service is beyond expectations. The staff are very friendly and always ready to help their customers. Tasty meals are surprising with fresh and mouth-watering seafood. Visitors can also get a free massage service after an active day at the beach.

3. Essque Zalu Zanzibar

Essque Zalu Zanzibar is a cozy, intimate destination located northeast of Zanzibar. The hotel is suitable for people traveling individually and in a group as it offers a variety of choices: 40 private suites and eight magnificent villas.

While the suites are under a conventional pitched makuti roof and are constructed using local materials, each villa is fully furnished with a kitchen, a swimming pool, and a personal manservant.

What makes Essque Zalu Zanzibar distinguished from other resorts because it does not have a beach. Instead, there is a jetty going into the ocean, where visitors can have a walk to see the amazing sunrise or immerse themselves in the turquoise water when the tides are high.

2. Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Park Hyatt Zanzibar hotel has a convenient position, right in the center of Stone Town, a place recognized by UNESCO for its rich culture and history.

Different from other remote resorts, Park Hyatt Zanzibar provides its guests with a dynamic atmosphere as lovely locations, like crowded markets, famous Zanzibar doors, and Muslim mosques, are all within walking distance.

The hotel is suitable for travel experts and business people who would like to enjoy a high-quality luxury service but still enrich their knowledge by devoting themselves to the local lifestyle. 

1. &Beyond Mnemba Island, Tanzania

This hotel is situated on an isolated island off the northeast coast of Zanzibar. Because of that, it is suitable for people who want to avoid the bustle and hustle of modern life or try a new adventurous experience with high security.

As it is secluded, guests will have access to the island by a private boat, but the picturesque natural landscapes will make you forget the wet feet immediately.

The sand is white and unblemished with crystal-clear beach and low tides, ideally for a slow walk or snorkeling to discover the beauty of this tropical paradise.

The resort has ten beachside bandas (thatched houses) for twenty visitors, stretching equally on the front beach. They come complete with a living room, a bedroom, a closet area, and a bathroom.

Butler and amazing security service ensure you will have the best occasion when staying here.


Each hotel and resort has its own appeal, but the thing that all of them would like to offer visitors is the unspoiled sandy beaches of Zanzibar.

Based on your specific needs, you could opt for the best luxury hotels and resorts in Zanzibar among the five we listed above. We are glad that we can help you to have a memorable holiday in Zanzibar with top service and superb facilities.

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