Why Is My Green Tea Not Green – The Most Common Reasons

Why Is My Green Tea Not Green?

There are several reasons why the brew color may not seem fresh when brewed, and it may even appear brown before it enters the water. Appearance does not necessarily imply a problem.

However, this might occasionally indicate that you have poor products. Please continue reading to answer your question about why is my green tea not green to figure out whether something is wrong.

Why Is My Green Tea Not Green?

Excessive Sun Exposure

Most of these types are produced in a less sunny environment, which keeps the leaves brilliant fresh color. However, if they are left in too long direct sunshine, the hue fades, and they start to become brown.

The brown color might be of lesser quality. However, growing these in the sun can be simpler and less expensive.

Reaction From Brewing Method

The leaves usually change shade when it comes into contact with boiling water. Almost all of them will brew a yellowish, light amber, or perhaps a light brown hue.

It does not necessarily imply that the brew is damaged. It is how it responds to extracting the beneficial stuff and dissolving it. If you prefer truly fresh color when brewed, aim for first harvesting produced in less sunlight at high altitudes.

It will be somewhat more expensive, but they will be pure brewed with a lovely raw tinge.


Quality leaves should not be oxidized unless you want the leaves in a dark color. When it has not been oxidized, high-quality leaves should appear new before brewing.

This technique is intended for other similar products and is an unintended consequence of poor manufacturing.

Poor Water Condition

Many municipal sources contain a high concentration of calcium. The calcium interacts with the tannins, and the outcome is not pleasant. It becomes brownish when the leaves get cold and forms an oily layer on top.

This mixture will adhere to your cup, making them dirtier than usual. It has an impact on the flavor as well. It loses its distinct flavor when this happens, and whatever you drink ends up tasting like poor beverages.

What Are Some Tips For Good Green Tea?

To have a good quality drink, you must find a way to increase its beneficial properties while also improving its flavor. Here we got some tips for you.

  1. Use water at the proper temperature.
  2. Steep for the appropriate period.
  3. Add a drop of honey or another sweetener.
  4. Use good quality products.
  5. Use an appropriate portion.
  6. Mix with some mint or lemon juice.
  7. Use good condition water when brewing.


That wraps up our explanations for your question of why is my green tea not green. Products that turn color are not always a reason to worry, as that is meant to happen. However, in other circumstances, it may signal a concern.

Poor quality water is the most typical reason. Try making your drink with better-purified water. If the issue continues, you are probably using poor-quality leaves. Please ask us anytime if you have any other concerns regarding this problem. Thank you for your time!

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