Why Don’t Energy Drinks Work On Me And Make Me Tired?

why don't energy drinks work on me

Many people like energy drinks because of many reasons, especially young people. Drinking these drinks makes everyone awake; however, it does not work at all.

So, why don’t energy drinks work on me? If you are meeting this problem and want to find an answer, you’d better read our article below.

Does Energy Drink Work For Everyone?

No, energy drinks do not work for everyone. If you drink energy drinks for a long time, your body will build a tolerance to caffeine. From there, energy drinks will no longer work. In addition, using too many energy drinks also brings many unwanted effects.

Why Don’t Energy Drinks Work For Me?

Fake energy vs natural energy

Many energy drinks are very high in caffeine, equivalent to two cups of coffee or two cans of soft drinks. There are a lot of different ingredients in there, like artificial sweeteners and kola nuts, that can increase the caffeine concentration of an energy drink even more.

These ingredients combine to create a sudden burst of energy in a short time. But what happens next is a drop in sugar, a rise in blood pressure, and a feeling of fatigue. Insomnia is also a side effect of energy drinks.

You want to have good health and an abundant and sustainable energy source. You need to rest and reasonably provide adequate water and nutrients. That way, your health will look better every day.

Mental side effects

The safe amount of caffeine for adults per day can be up to 400mg. But for teenagers, only 100mg of caffeine. For reference, one can of Monster has between 140-160 mg of caffeine.

Regular use of energy drinks makes the brain not rest properly. It may also cause symptoms of anxiety, stress, and daily headaches.

It affects the inside of the body

Regular caffeine use causes a rapid and irregular heartbeat, even a heart attack. Every year there are still deaths due to excessive use of caffeine.

Energy drinks also affect other parts of the body. High sugar content in beverages can increase the risk of diabetes. These sugars can also be harmful to teeth, as shown in one study that soft drinks can wear down teeth.

Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Tired?

The main reason why energy drinks make me tired. That’s the amount of caffeine in energy drinks. Interestingly, caffeine only works for people who are new to caffeine.

If you use too much caffeine, it will have the opposite result. Caffeine will disrupt your body’s natural processes. This results in the brain being overactive to counteract the stimulus by producing more adenosine. This substance will make you sleepy and make you feel tired.

Are Energy Drinks Fatigue?

Energy drinks can also cause fatigue for some people, and this is due to sugar. All energy drinks on the market contain sugar such as sucrose, fructose, or glucose. Etc.

One can of energy drink contains 20 to 35 g of sugar, equivalent to 6-8 teaspoons of sugar. When combined with caffeine, it will give you an instant energy source. However, after the sugar craving passes, you will feel tired.

In addition, a sudden increase in blood sugar will lower orexin. This is a neurotransmitter in the brain that keeps us awake. The decrease in orexin will make you feel tired. That’s why energy drinks can cause fatigue.

Are There Good Alternatives To Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks can keep you awake for a while. But caffeine and sugar cause many harmful effects on health. Here are a few drinks that can help you stay awake without using energy drinks.

Apple juice or apple cider vinegar

Apple juice or apple cider vinegar contains natural sugars and B vitamins, which help boost energy. This allows you to stay awake for hours.

Green tea

The Thiamine present in green tea can relieve stress and increase alertness immediately. If you are too stressed, drink a cup of green tea to feel the best attention.


When you feel tired, drink a glass of lemon water. This is a very popular drink. It not only helps you avoid sleepiness but also helps eliminate toxins and increase the body’s metabolism.


You can understand why don’t energy drinks work on me and make me tired through the above article. It may help you wake up immediately, but then your energy will drop quickly, and you may be more tired.

So use natural energy sources like apple juice, green tea, and lemon juice. They will help you stay awake and relieve stress.

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