How To Water Garden Without Outside Tap

How To Water Garden Without Outside Tap

Daily watering of plants can be troublesome because it is time-consuming. Therefore, many people think of an automatic watering system, and it is also widely used today. In this article, we will introduce how to water garden without outside tap in more detail.

How To Water Garden Without Outside Tap

Drip Irrigation

By allowing the drip irrigation water to seep into the roots of the plants slowly, you want to water or perhaps drip onto the ground. The great advantage is that it nourishes the plant from deep inside; the fertilizer layer is not lost but gradually absorbed to grow the plant.

This method can be applied to a variety of gardens and different terrain. It is also suitable for watering large trees in the garden, potted plants, fences, etc. If you apply this method, it can save more water than conventional irrigation methods. And especially the installation cost is not too high.

However, the biggest limitation of drip irrigation is its inability to cool the leaves and stems. The sprinklers are likely to become clogged if the filter is not used. You can apply two methods of drip irrigation: drip irrigation along with the bed and drip irrigation around the base.

Mist Irrigation System

Mist irrigation systems spray thin water jets of small size, easy to diffuse, creating favorable conditions for plants to grow quickly. The system is applied to watering orchid gardens, cooling garden space, and growing organic and hydroponic vegetables.

In addition, it is also widely used in farms, factories, and coffee shops.

The water particle size is small, so the amount of water used is very small, and it helps to save your water.

The dew particles are small in size, moving at a small speed in the air, so when they fall to the ground, they are just enough to moisten, do not create puddles, do not cause erosion, and help protect the soil. However, the drawback of this sprinkler irrigation system is the high cost, especially to ensure that the water source is always clean.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

This system is quite similar to misting in that the water is evenly watered to the areas you want to water. Suitable for watering flower beds, watering vegetables, and ornamental plants. You can easily adjust the amount of water for each stump as desired.

The sprinkler irrigation system also saves up to 40–50% of irrigation water compared to traditional irrigation methods. It can also create optimal conditions for plants to grow and help plants always live in the best conditions.

When in contact with the soil surface, the small raindrops do not cause soil erosion, do not cause soil scum, ensure uniform penetration, and help plant roots absorb maximum nutrients.


If you are a person who loves taking care of plants, you should know how to water garden without outside tap. Those will be useful tips for you and help you save time and money watering your plants every day. We hope that with this information, you will make the best choice for you.

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